Bitstrips Beta v0.1 is live!

It’s finally here – welcome to the first Beta version of!

It’s been a long and crazy road to get here, and we still have a ways to go… but from this point forward, the site is LIVE.  New Beta builds will be launching every 2 weeks from now until March, as we continue to develop the site.  There are still a ton of bugs to squash, features to activate and designs to polish, so please be patient as we slowly but surely bring the site to life.

Actually, it won’t really be very slow – the next beta build is scheduled to launch January 11, 2008.  Mark your calendars!

Until then, please feel free to look around, and play with our toys.  If you’re reading this first post, you’re most likely part of our exclusive Beta-Tester community, and we need your help to let us know how things are working.  If something seems seriously broken, please let us know by sending a message to  For the next beta we’ll try to make it even easier to send us your feedback.

Watch this space for further updates and tips.  Now, go make some bitstrips!


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