Monthly Archives: January 2008

Bitstrips Beta v0.3 is forming now…

Lots and lots of changes in the works.  Originally we were planning on doing our upgrades behind-the-scenes, then releasing them all at once as an update – but as it turns out we’ve just been making our changes live, online.  So, if things seem a little wonky over the next week or two, or if you notice some major things changing between visits (like the site navigation) it’s cause we’re fiddling with stuff under the hood.

If anything outright doesn’t seem to work, please let us know about it via the bugs/comments link in the left sidebar.

So, Beta v0.3 will be an ongoing evolution over the next two weeks – until it’s time for v0.4!


Bugs? Comments? Oops!

We were all congratulating ourselves on a bug-free website, 0 bug/comment reports in the last 24 hours… until we discovered a bug in submitting the reports themselves!

If you have tried to submit a bug/comment using the Bug/Comment link on the sidebar, please submit it again, we really do want to hear about it.

Funny Faces

A couple changes landed tonight to fix some face issues people had been seeing (beard/moustache issues with rotations). New characters faces will rotate much more cleanly than old ones, but the downside – current chracters may need to be edited and adjusted to fit the new system.

Everyone should notice a big change when saving bitstrips later tonight. Up until now, strips have been “Published” by default when saving. In a few hours, the default will be “unpublished”. Make sure to publish your strips! Unpublished content won’t show up in the normal feeds.

Bitstrips Beta v0.2 is Live!

Yes, it’s that time again.  We’re now at Beta v0.2 – if you’re new to the site, welcome!

So, what does 0.2 mean exactly?  Let’s put it this way – if this site were a baby giraffe, this would be the moment a few seconds after the birth, where it’s taking its first tentative steps, perhaps even still crawling on its knees, covered in goo.   But as we all know, giraffes get up and going amazingly fast.  So, let’s hope the analogy stays consistent.

3 more updates to go, every other friday, and then we’ll be at beta v1.1.  So that means the next one will be January 25 – mark your calendars!  We still have a ton of fun features to activate, so the next few months should be an exciting time to be on Bitstrips!

For more detailed updates on technical stuff in development, check out our development blog.  Assuming we have time for updates…

State of the Strip – 2008-01-08

A few updates, and a couple issues this evening:

  • You might be missing some friends, they don’t hate you, but you’ll need to friend request them again.
  • If you’re having trouble with beards on old characters, let me know. You’ll need to swap jaws to get proper beard alignment first, but if things are still off, post a comment.
  • Feed/Read nav bar – it’s a bit messy right now, hold on tight and it will be fixed soon.

And the fun stuff:

  • Favourites and Laugh/Groan – live feedback now when you’re rating/faving comics – yay!
  • Comments – try out the new comment system, share your joy or disgust at the latest strips.

Welcome to 2008 – the year of Bitstrips!

2007 was a mighty year, so mighty that it ended with the launching of your new favourite website – Bitstrips!

Perfect timing, considering that 2008 has been predicted by those in the know to be the year of Bitstrips!

Well, to be more specific, the first year of Bitstrips.  Which perhaps goes without saying.  Anyway, welcome to the beginning!

Things on the site might be a little crazy over the next week while we make stuff work.  This Friday, January 11, is our next big update, and every 2 weeks after that.

Watch this space for further details on what’s new.