Bitstrips Beta v0.2 is Live!

Yes, it’s that time again.  We’re now at Beta v0.2 – if you’re new to the site, welcome!

So, what does 0.2 mean exactly?  Let’s put it this way – if this site were a baby giraffe, this would be the moment a few seconds after the birth, where it’s taking its first tentative steps, perhaps even still crawling on its knees, covered in goo.   But as we all know, giraffes get up and going amazingly fast.  So, let’s hope the analogy stays consistent.

3 more updates to go, every other friday, and then we’ll be at beta v1.1.  So that means the next one will be January 25 – mark your calendars!  We still have a ton of fun features to activate, so the next few months should be an exciting time to be on Bitstrips!

For more detailed updates on technical stuff in development, check out our development blog.  Assuming we have time for updates…


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