Monthly Archives: February 2008

Full of Filters and Features

Good evening my fellow Bitstrippers… On this auspicious leap-day, I would like to bring to your attention several new features.

The most visible change will be the new¬†Mature Content thumbnails that will be popping up. We knew some bitstrippers would be dirty, but not that dirty… A few details – you have a new Content Filter setting in your account, this will allow you to show or hide content that has been flagged as mature or offensive. It also function to filter¬†words like f@#k and sh#t. Soon, before you can view a mature strip, you’ll need to confirm that you do in fact want to view mature content.

Inviting Friends – so far everyone seems to be enjoying the Design a Friend feature, but wanted to make it even easier to send out invites to your whole entire address book! On your Friends page you’ll now see a link to Invite your Friends – the process is similar to Find your Friends, but Bitstrips will email a personalized invitation to each friend you choose to invite. It’s really a great looking invite, so you should test it out on all your friends. As people are discovering, Bitstripping really is best done with friends.

And who doesn’t love to get email from Bitstrips? Well, maybe someone out there doesn’t want to hear from us (or you!) – if that’s the case, all our emails now have a opt-out link. You should now feel free to mass-mail away in full comfort your friends can easily ignore you if they so choose.

There’s also a very huge exciting new builder coming your way, believe me kids, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store on Christmas eve when you sink your teeth in to it. Who knows, if we can break 200 users tomorrow, maybe we’ll release it early!

Thank you for your attention, now get strippin’!


Big Update Week – part 1 – Open Invitations!

Yes, that’s right, this week is ‘Big Update Week’ – the week that Bitstrips transforms into its final pre-launch state (also known as Beta v1.1)! So, what does this mean to you lucky beta-testers? It means big, exciting upgrades are right around the corner, and things are about to get even more fun around here.

For starters: you can now invite any of your friends to join Bitstrips! There are a few ways to do it, too. You can really make your friends curious by designing characters for them and sending them a custom invitation showing off your work. Imagine their surprise when they realize they’re starring in your online comics! What makes this feature even better is that your friends can use the design you made as their avatar when they come to the site, making their entry into the world of Bitstrips faster and easier than ever before! Click on ‘Create Friend’ in the left menu to get started.

You can also invite a friend by simply sending them a strip by email. Pick the most embarrassing moment you can remember, Bitstrip it, and show them why they’d better get online and take control of their cartoon identity!

So, don’t hold back – help us get the ball rolling by getting the word out – finally!

Much more on the way this week – Stay tuned to this space for more updates on each new feature as it’s released.

Also, keep an eye on the Bitstrips Development Blog, where you’ll find more detailed descriptions and discussion of all the latest upgrades.

Lazy, lazy developers

It’s true, we’re lazy…. lazy like a fox! Are foxes lazy? We’ll need to investigate here at BSHQ, but not before we get our baby off the ground. That’s right, we’ll be launching in less than two weeks! At that point, we’ll be able to pursue such important facets of life such as: sleeping, going outside and of course researching fox behaviour.

A few of the exciting new features coming your way:

  • Scene Building
  • Finding Friends/Inviting Friends – webmail address book integration
  • lots of new artwork
  • and more!

plus more regular development updates. In the meantime, you’ll notice a new link in the menu bars “Create/Friend”. Creating friends let’s you send a customized invitation to a friend with a pre-built avatar. Now you can send your friend Joe, the guy with huge ears and no nose, an accurate caricature and have them join Bitstrips with their new persona ready to go. Fun stuff!

Bitstrips nominated for SXSW 2008 web awards!

We were already giddy with anticipation for the worldwide launch of Bitstrips at this year’s SXSW…

Now we’re even giddier! Bitstrips has been nominated in the Amusement category for a web award – how amusing!

Big thanks to SXSW for seeing the potential in our ramshackle site before it’s even been fully birthed. To make matters more exciting, this means we are also elgibile for the People’s Choice award. Which means that YOU can help Bitstrips win – by voting for us every day!

Click Here to VOTE FOR BITSTRIPS! You can vote once every 24 hours.

The awards will be announced at SXSW on March 9. Win or lose, we’ll be sure to bitstrip the whole thing!

Welcome to Bitstrips Beta v0.4!!!

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re here… this is the penultimate beta version before v1.1, just weeks away from our public launch. To all our new users – welcome! We’re really excited to finally pull back the curtain and start sharing Bitstrips with our friends. As part of our early beta-tester community, this is your chance to help us shape the site into time-wasting perfection with your feedback, questions, suggestions and bug reports. Use the link in the left menu to send us a message anytime!

More to report soon, but for now – have fun making some Bitstrips!