Lazy, lazy developers

It’s true, we’re lazy…. lazy like a fox! Are foxes lazy? We’ll need to investigate here at BSHQ, but not before we get our baby off the ground. That’s right, we’ll be launching in less than two weeks! At that point, we’ll be able to pursue such important facets of life such as: sleeping, going outside and of course researching fox behaviour.

A few of the exciting new features coming your way:

  • Scene Building
  • Finding Friends/Inviting Friends – webmail address book integration
  • lots of new artwork
  • and more!

plus more regular development updates. In the meantime, you’ll notice a new link in the menu bars “Create/Friend”. Creating friends let’s you send a customized invitation to a friend with a pre-built avatar. Now you can send your friend Joe, the guy with huge ears and no nose, an accurate caricature and have them join Bitstrips with their new persona ready to go. Fun stuff!


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