Big Update Week – part 1 – Open Invitations!

Yes, that’s right, this week is ‘Big Update Week’ – the week that Bitstrips transforms into its final pre-launch state (also known as Beta v1.1)! So, what does this mean to you lucky beta-testers? It means big, exciting upgrades are right around the corner, and things are about to get even more fun around here.

For starters: you can now invite any of your friends to join Bitstrips! There are a few ways to do it, too. You can really make your friends curious by designing characters for them and sending them a custom invitation showing off your work. Imagine their surprise when they realize they’re starring in your online comics! What makes this feature even better is that your friends can use the design you made as their avatar when they come to the site, making their entry into the world of Bitstrips faster and easier than ever before! Click on ‘Create Friend’ in the left menu to get started.

You can also invite a friend by simply sending them a strip by email. Pick the most embarrassing moment you can remember, Bitstrip it, and show them why they’d better get online and take control of their cartoon identity!

So, don’t hold back – help us get the ball rolling by getting the word out – finally!

Much more on the way this week – Stay tuned to this space for more updates on each new feature as it’s released.

Also, keep an eye on the Bitstrips Development Blog, where you’ll find more detailed descriptions and discussion of all the latest upgrades.


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