Full of Filters and Features

Good evening my fellow Bitstrippers… On this auspicious leap-day, I would like to bring to your attention several new features.

The most visible change will be the new Mature Content thumbnails that will be popping up. We knew some bitstrippers would be dirty, but not that dirty… A few details – you have a new Content Filter setting in your account, this will allow you to show or hide content that has been flagged as mature or offensive. It also function to filter words like f@#k and sh#t. Soon, before you can view a mature strip, you’ll need to confirm that you do in fact want to view mature content.

Inviting Friends – so far everyone seems to be enjoying the Design a Friend feature, but wanted to make it even easier to send out invites to your whole entire address book! On your Friends page you’ll now see a link to Invite your Friends – the process is similar to Find your Friends, but Bitstrips will email a personalized invitation to each friend you choose to invite. It’s really a great looking invite, so you should test it out on all your friends. As people are discovering, Bitstripping really is best done with friends.

And who doesn’t love to get email from Bitstrips? Well, maybe someone out there doesn’t want to hear from us (or you!) – if that’s the case, all our emails now have a opt-out link. You should now feel free to mass-mail away in full comfort your friends can easily ignore you if they so choose.

There’s also a very huge exciting new builder coming your way, believe me kids, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store on Christmas eve when you sink your teeth in to it. Who knows, if we can break 200 users tomorrow, maybe we’ll release it early!

Thank you for your attention, now get strippin’!


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