Monthly Archives: March 2008

Thursday updates

Hello Bitstrippers! Lots of performance improvements going on behind the scenes this week, as well as a few visible updates which we just committed:

  • Confirmation when you’re about to leave a comic/character builder without saving your work
  • Embedded blog viewer reads will soon be included in a comic’s view count
  • Improved friend finder – search by email

We had wanted to improve the friend finder for awhile, not everyone has an accessible webmail address book, and not everyone wants to give us their password (we promise not to read your email!) – for those situations, you can now type in as many email address as you’ve got and search for them on the site.

Searching for users based on their username, and Real Name will be coming soon as well. Visit the new friend finder and check it out (you’ll need to be logged in to see it).


Easter Monday Update

A few of the eggs from the update this evening:

  • Comic searching – use the search box at the top right of most pages. It will search the title, text-bubbles and character names for your search terms.
  • Friends thumbnail/Character list image – they’re working! They’ll update when you add/remove friends, and when you make new characters.
  • You can now change your email address in your account settings.

We’ve also passed the 20,000 character mark earlier today – amazing stuff!

Stay tuned for more updates…

Bitstrips is almost 2 (weeks that is)…

It’s been a wild couple of weeks since our public launch, and we’re thrilled to bits to see so many new users.  The output so far has been awesome, and it seems undeniable that we already have the beginnings of one of the most creative communities on the net brewing here.  So a big thanks to everyone who’s jumped right into the fun in these early days of Bitstrips.

We’ve been getting a tremendous amount of feedback, bug reports, requests and suggestions, which we really appreciate.  We are voraciously digesting all of your input, which is helping us to prioritize our massive to-do list and focus our strategy to make Bitstrips better and better, according to your needs.  It’s a great example of the beta spirit – where not only can you participate by coming to the site to read and make comics, you can actually help guide the evolution of the site by throwing your 2 cents in and telling us what you want.

Now that we’ve caught up on our sleep (mostly) after SXSW, the team is back to action in full effect, so you can expect lots of improvements over the coming weeks.  So, keep your eyes peeled for new stuff – and in the meantime, keep those great bitstrips coming!

Bitstrips on CBC right now!!!

Hey kids,

Bitstrips is about to be featured on CBC’s Q show, airing today on CBC radio one at 2pm and 10pm.

Also, check out our behind-the-scenes development update on the Bitstrips development blog!

More post-SXSW updates coming to this space soon…

Teeny-tiny update

Hi everybody – a few small changes this evening:

  • glasses with clear lenses are back
  • lost your password? You can reset it through the site (just try logging in a couple times and then follow the link)
  • your personal profile is listed in a linkable way, send the URL to your friends and they’ll view your specific profile (and not their own!)

State of the Strip – 7 days old

Good evening my fellow Bitstrippers, 7 days and 12 hours ago we removed the velvet rope and released the site to the world. It’s been an unbelievable rush to watch the reactions ripple out across the net and to witness the explosion of content, creativity and humour amongst our users. We had no idea some of the strips you’ve been making were possible!  More than anything, seeing your reaction is inspiring us to work that much harder on bringing you the best possible bitstrip experience we can.

What should you expect in the next 7 days? A small mountain improvements and fixes that you’ve been asking for: searching, rss feeds, better friend searching, performance improvements, better series management and of course, more artwork! As much as we enjoy seeing banana phones we’ll soon have an array of cellphones and telephones art to use.

We’ll also be keeping this dev blog up to date with the latest changes and improvements. You can also follow bitstrips on twitter for status notices.

Thanks again to all our new users in the last week for making our first week such a blast. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!

Bitstrips has landed – at SXSW!!!

Well, after a long journey we’re finally here in Austin for SXSW 2008.  And the official public launch of the site is only days away!  But in the meantime, there are so many new members that have joined over the past couple days, our heads are spinning.  So, a big welcome to everyone!  Keep watching this space for updates in the exciting days to come.