State of the Strip – 7 days old

Good evening my fellow Bitstrippers, 7 days and 12 hours ago we removed the velvet rope and released the site to the world. It’s been an unbelievable rush to watch the reactions ripple out across the net and to witness the explosion of content, creativity and humour amongst our users. We had no idea some of the strips you’ve been making were possible!  More than anything, seeing your reaction is inspiring us to work that much harder on bringing you the best possible bitstrip experience we can.

What should you expect in the next 7 days? A small mountain improvements and fixes that you’ve been asking for: searching, rss feeds, better friend searching, performance improvements, better series management and of course, more artwork! As much as we enjoy seeing banana phones we’ll soon have an array of cellphones and telephones art to use.

We’ll also be keeping this dev blog up to date with the latest changes and improvements. You can also follow bitstrips on twitter for status notices.

Thanks again to all our new users in the last week for making our first week such a blast. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!


2 responses to “State of the Strip – 7 days old

  1. following thru twitter is pretty smart. are there going to be drop down lists of areas in props or just one juge list. i feel that as you expand categorizing things would be smart.

    -pauly hart

  2. D’oh! I should’ve come here before I submitted this trouble ticket: 108_bov9vci4

    Carry on! Keep up the good work!

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