Bitstrips is almost 2 (weeks that is)…

It’s been a wild couple of weeks since our public launch, and we’re thrilled to bits to see so many new users.  The output so far has been awesome, and it seems undeniable that we already have the beginnings of one of the most creative communities on the net brewing here.  So a big thanks to everyone who’s jumped right into the fun in these early days of Bitstrips.

We’ve been getting a tremendous amount of feedback, bug reports, requests and suggestions, which we really appreciate.  We are voraciously digesting all of your input, which is helping us to prioritize our massive to-do list and focus our strategy to make Bitstrips better and better, according to your needs.  It’s a great example of the beta spirit – where not only can you participate by coming to the site to read and make comics, you can actually help guide the evolution of the site by throwing your 2 cents in and telling us what you want.

Now that we’ve caught up on our sleep (mostly) after SXSW, the team is back to action in full effect, so you can expect lots of improvements over the coming weeks.  So, keep your eyes peeled for new stuff – and in the meantime, keep those great bitstrips coming!


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