Monthly Archives: April 2008

Real Name's, Searching & Editing

The early risers out there may have caught site of our “Undergoing Maintenance” header this morning as we pushed several updates to the site.

  • Profile info editing has been organized, and you now have the option of displaying your real name on your profile page. Help other bitstrippers find you by making your name visible.
  • The friend finder now has an option to search for friends by name. Remember – Bitstripping is better with friends!
  • Searching now indexes tags and author’s names. Try it out – it makes a big difference.
  • Character/Strip permissions – when you edit a strip, we now double check you have permission to use all the characters that appear. If you don’t, we’ll swap in Buddy’s basics for you.

Have fun, and keep on bitstrippin’!


Bitstrips + RSS = Joy

That’s right boys and girls, RSS feeds are here! Most types of content can now be accessed through RSS feeds. Character appearances, your friend’s strips, even searches can all be subscribed to. We’re still sorting out where to put an “RSS” icon on the pages themselves… until then, access the RSS feed link in your browser’s location bar.

A few series fixes also arrived, you can now delete or rename a series from a series’ profile page.

In other exciting news, the scene builder has officially landed. You can now access it from the main navigation menu on the left. Check out Buddy’s scenes for a sample of the “My Scenes” management page.

Have fun, and keep on bitstrippin’!

New features this week

Howdy Bitstrippers – this week begins the 2nd awesrageous month of Bitstrips, and with it come a few new features.  All part of our endless quest to keep making Bitstrips better.

Check out the new Scene Builder, where you can pre-design detailed scenes to use in your comics.  Very useful for series with recurring locations.  We’re still ironing out some bugs and adding some features, but we wanted to get you started scene-building NOW, so consider this builder to be an early beta, with many improvements on the way (sharing scenes with friends, browsing scenes from your profile, and more…)

Speaking of Profiles, you may notice that your personal page is a bit more colorful this week.  The new profile BGs are just a taste of things to come, soon your space will be as customizable as a comic.

Meanwhile, we’ve implemented new filters and protocols regarding offensive content.  Now you can make your Bitstrips experience as squeaky-clean or as filthy as you like.  Check out our Development Blog for more details!

All in all, it’s a small update, to whet your appetites for the BIG one.  We are working away at Beta v1.2, coming your way soon…  More on that later.

Offensive development update? Never!

Something we’ve discovered in the last month is that one man’s funny is another man’s hateful, sexually offensive, ethnically offensively, religiously offensive spam. To that end, we’ve added several new flag categories, as well as new controls to filter different types of flagged material

Flagged strips now display their flags on their thumbnail, or on the strip page. If you don’t want to see offensive strips, (or one particular type of offensive content), you can change your view settings on your account page.

Comments or concerns about our new flagging scheme? Post them below!

Friday BugDay

Hello from Bitstrips! Several series related updates were released today, as well as a couple other changes:

  • Series list was only returning 1st entry in the super comic builder, it now returns them all
  • Series episode counts are now accurate (no more 4 billions!)
  • Moving strips between series – on a strip page,use the “Move to Series” box to move a strip to a different series
  • Genre selections are enforced, you can’t publish until you’ve picked one
  • Added new type of embedding, plain <a href> & <img> links + option to view samples of how your embedded strip will look
  • Quick “email my strip to friends” option, you can enter multiple emails and have the option of remembering them next time

We’ve also have a much improved comic builder heading your way – editing/copying & pasting are all accurate now. It should be landing tomorrow once we finish hammer out any final issues.

Some people have noticed that we’ve been having email issues lately, slow deliveries, non-existent confirmation messages. We’ve been having issues with two domains in particular, hotmail and yahoo. Yahoo is delaying our message deliveries, and Hotmail is swallowing them completely, without ever delivering to the user (not even in their junkmail!) – we hope to have everything resolved soon.

Special Announcement

The big news is – Bitstrips has not been acquired by anyone! The site remains an entirely independent venture, and any rumors of our imminent absorption have been greatly exaggerated. Sorry if we created any confusion! But seriously, you shouldn’t be so gullible.