Friday BugDay

Hello from Bitstrips! Several series related updates were released today, as well as a couple other changes:

  • Series list was only returning 1st entry in the super comic builder, it now returns them all
  • Series episode counts are now accurate (no more 4 billions!)
  • Moving strips between series – on a strip page,use the “Move to Series” box to move a strip to a different series
  • Genre selections are enforced, you can’t publish until you’ve picked one
  • Added new type of embedding, plain <a href> & <img> links + option to view samples of how your embedded strip will look
  • Quick “email my strip to friends” option, you can enter multiple emails and have the option of remembering them next time

We’ve also have a much improved comic builder heading your way – editing/copying & pasting are all accurate now. It should be landing tomorrow once we finish hammer out any final issues.

Some people have noticed that we’ve been having email issues lately, slow deliveries, non-existent confirmation messages. We’ve been having issues with two domains in particular, hotmail and yahoo. Yahoo is delaying our message deliveries, and Hotmail is swallowing them completely, without ever delivering to the user (not even in their junkmail!) – we hope to have everything resolved soon.


2 responses to “Friday BugDay

  1. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing some of the other bugs get ironed out of the system so the focus can more towards new features and items.

    Keep it up guys!

  2. I tried to use it, to create a few chefs….Need a chefs hat! and a type of japenese jacket of chefs jacket, or one with a removable collor would be great. This is so fun!

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