New features this week

Howdy Bitstrippers – this week begins the 2nd awesrageous month of Bitstrips, and with it come a few new features.  All part of our endless quest to keep making Bitstrips better.

Check out the new Scene Builder, where you can pre-design detailed scenes to use in your comics.  Very useful for series with recurring locations.  We’re still ironing out some bugs and adding some features, but we wanted to get you started scene-building NOW, so consider this builder to be an early beta, with many improvements on the way (sharing scenes with friends, browsing scenes from your profile, and more…)

Speaking of Profiles, you may notice that your personal page is a bit more colorful this week.  The new profile BGs are just a taste of things to come, soon your space will be as customizable as a comic.

Meanwhile, we’ve implemented new filters and protocols regarding offensive content.  Now you can make your Bitstrips experience as squeaky-clean or as filthy as you like.  Check out our Development Blog for more details!

All in all, it’s a small update, to whet your appetites for the BIG one.  We are working away at Beta v1.2, coming your way soon…  More on that later.


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