Monthly Archives: May 2008

Cancer sucks, Bitstrips Helps

Here’s an article by one of our members, Thag, about his experiences dealing with cancer and how Bitstrips has helped him to bring some light to an otherwise difficult situation.  We’re glad that Thag has found some relief through the site, and we wish him the best!


Busy Beavers

Hello Bitstrippers! It’s been awhile… too long! We wanted to make sure that everyone knows the development team is still alive and busy busy busy on a massive update rolling out soon. It makes such a difference to the whole bitstripping experience, we’re very excited to release it. Stay tuned for more news.

In case you haven’t seen it, we made it in to this month’s Wired Playlist section, make sure to digg us while you’re there!

Bitstrips is Wired!

That’s right, we made it into this month’s Wired Magazine – playlist section. After running to your local magazine shop and picking up a copy, you can also check it out online here. If you take a magnifying glass to the image, you might even find yourself in there. Thanks Wired!!!

PS – digg it up!