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Remixing 1.2

Since the beginning Bitstrips has had a prominent Edit button on every strip. If you published a strip and left it public, anyone could come along and remix your strip in to a new one. Behind the scenes, we’ve been tracking this history of remixing and have now enabled readers to easily follow the remix-trail.

When reading a strip which has been remixed, you’ll see a Remixes: listing of all remixes of the strip on the bottom right of the page. If you’re reading a strip which is a remix of another strip, you’ll also see Remix of: listed.

What about if your strip isn’t actually a remix? Buddy does this a lot – all his editorials are remixes of earlier editorials. In this case, if you’re the original author of the remixed strip, you’ll find you have a Remove ‘Remix Of’ button below the Remix Of strip which lets you disconnect them.

In the next few days we’ll enable remix-notifications (get a message, see a news event when one of your strips is remixed), as well as a remix-tree view which lets you see the overall hierarchy of a remix-trail with all its branches and leaves.

If you’re looking for some interesting remixed strips, here are the top 5 most remixed strips currently on the site:

  1. Bitsville’s Beauty Pagent
  2. Bitstrippy
  3. June 13, 2008
  4. The glitch in the system (more info on this bug in another post!)
  5. Toys R US!



Party Time!

While working on Bitstrips v1.2, we’ve been constantly amazed by the great work being produced by our community.  So, we decided to celebrate both at once, with our inaugural Launch Party and the Best of Bistrips Awards! You can vote now on your favorite finalists – only once in each category, but you can change your vote at any time.  Voting closes at midnight July 14!

The winners will be revealed at our Launch Party in Toronto on July 16.  For those of you who can’t make it in person, the party will be happening on at the same time, with the winners revealed via simul-strip-cast.  But if you are in or near Toronto, come on out to meet the staff and other bitstrippers, and have a great time!  You can find the details on our facebook page.

Welcome to the New Bitstrips

Welcome to 1.2 – our first major upgrade since our launch back in March.

Here’s what’s new on the site:

  • New design. Bitstrips is ready for prime time with a fresh look and improved navigation.
  • New art!  Check the builder for new props, effects and scenery.  And new clothing will be released throughout the summer!
  • Real Names. Find your friends easier by searching for their real names!  NOTICE: If you don’t want your real name to be visible, you can opt-out here.
  • The “Cartoon Cannon”.  Check page one for our revolutionary new tool – making comics has never been faster.
  • Kudos ratings – for all those strips that are amazing but not necessarily ha-ha funny.  Also suitable for strips that are both funny AND extra-awesome.
  • Default to Super-Builder – skip the Easy Comic Builder for faster loading – set it here.
  • Character Directory – check out the lastest and greatest stars of Bitstrips!

And if you haven’t been here in a while, here are some new features we’ve added since our launch:

  • Scene Builder
  • Improved Search w/tags
  • Flagging/Content Filtering
  • RSS feeds

And there’s still more to come for 1.2 this summer – next up is new clothing, which we’ll be adding regularly over the next few months! Expect new upgrades to the builders and more special features, coming soon.

Also keep an eye on our Development Blog for more detailed info on updates, fixes and upgrades as they happen!

Bitstrippin' 1.2

In case you hadn’t noticed, we finally updated to version 1.2 – thanks to everyone for their patience these last few months. It was a relatively smooth upgrade and we’ve just pushed several fixes for issues people were seeing:

  • “My Friends” in the builders wasn’t loading
  • New series wouldn’t show up when you created them
  • Inbox count wouldn’t update (or stay at (1))
  • “Latest strip” wasn’t updating on profiles
  • “Total Kudos” now appears on profiles

We’re also testing out a fix for the slower page-loading issue people have been noticing. If certain things still seem slow, or you come across another issue, let us know by submitting a bug report. Thanks to everyone who has been sending them in so far – they really help.

There’s also one new setting in 1.2 that nobody has mentioned yet. On your settings page, you can select which builder will load by default, the Quick Comic Builder or the Super Comic Builder. Default to the super builder and enjoy faster loading times!