Welcome to the New Bitstrips

Welcome to 1.2 – our first major upgrade since our launch back in March.

Here’s what’s new on the site:

  • New design. Bitstrips is ready for prime time with a fresh look and improved navigation.
  • New art!  Check the builder for new props, effects and scenery.  And new clothing will be released throughout the summer!
  • Real Names. Find your friends easier by searching for their real names!  NOTICE: If you don’t want your real name to be visible, you can opt-out here.
  • The “Cartoon Cannon”.  Check page one for our revolutionary new tool – making comics has never been faster.
  • Kudos ratings – for all those strips that are amazing but not necessarily ha-ha funny.  Also suitable for strips that are both funny AND extra-awesome.
  • Default to Super-Builder – skip the Easy Comic Builder for faster loading – set it here.
  • Character Directory – check out the lastest and greatest stars of Bitstrips!

And if you haven’t been here in a while, here are some new features we’ve added since our launch:

  • Scene Builder
  • Improved Search w/tags
  • Flagging/Content Filtering
  • RSS feeds

And there’s still more to come for 1.2 this summer – next up is new clothing, which we’ll be adding regularly over the next few months! Expect new upgrades to the builders and more special features, coming soon.

Also keep an eye on our Development Blog for more detailed info on updates, fixes and upgrades as they happen!


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