Remixing 1.2

Since the beginning Bitstrips has had a prominent Edit button on every strip. If you published a strip and left it public, anyone could come along and remix your strip in to a new one. Behind the scenes, we’ve been tracking this history of remixing and have now enabled readers to easily follow the remix-trail.

When reading a strip which has been remixed, you’ll see a Remixes: listing of all remixes of the strip on the bottom right of the page. If you’re reading a strip which is a remix of another strip, you’ll also see Remix of: listed.

What about if your strip isn’t actually a remix? Buddy does this a lot – all his editorials are remixes of earlier editorials. In this case, if you’re the original author of the remixed strip, you’ll find you have a Remove ‘Remix Of’ button below the Remix Of strip which lets you disconnect them.

In the next few days we’ll enable remix-notifications (get a message, see a news event when one of your strips is remixed), as well as a remix-tree view which lets you see the overall hierarchy of a remix-trail with all its branches and leaves.

If you’re looking for some interesting remixed strips, here are the top 5 most remixed strips currently on the site:

  1. Bitsville’s Beauty Pagent
  2. Bitstrippy
  3. June 13, 2008
  4. The glitch in the system (more info on this bug in another post!)
  5. Toys R US!



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