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Bitstrips remembers Thag – Cancer Really Sucks

We are very saddened to report the recent passing of one of our favourite contributors, Thag (aka David Teetzel), after a long battle with cancer.  His great series, ‘Cancer Sucks’, offered a smart and humourous take on a very real and painful situation that all too many people are dealing with today.  We can only hope that the act of creating and sharing his comics, along with all the new friends he made here, brought him some comfort and relief during this difficult time.  His spirit lives on through his strips, which will hopefully continue to bring comfort to others dealing with similar struggles.

More details on the life of Thag can be found here:

Rest in peace.


Big strips

My fellow Bitstrippers, on this rainy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d take a moment to write about one of the things we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

One bit of code we’ve been experimenting with is high-resolution output. Here’s an example of fr619snowball’s strip 300th Strip !YAY! (a good test strip for loading many characters)

Click for Full Size (2800x1300)

Want your own high-rez strip? The first 5 comments on this post will have a bitstrip of their choice saved and sent in this format.