Election08 + Updates

My fellow Bitstrippers, what an exciting time to be making comics! Let me tell you about a few of the updates we have just released.

Election08 Art

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to release your inner political cartoonist. In the Comic Builder, look for the “Election08” collection to quickly access the latest political characters and scenes.

Series Re-Ordering

This has been a popular request since we launched. Have you always wanted to switch the order between episode #5 and episode #4 in one of your series? Now you can! Go to your series homepage and click Reorder Series to switch it up.

New Builders

Over the past two months we’ve been transitioning from Flash to Flex Builder for all our tools. While things won’t seem much different at this point, there have already been substantial changes occurring internally within the latest builders. We’re now able to quickly add new features and test them out in ways we never could before.

The Comic Builder/Scene Builder will now load up significantly faster, as well as using less memory overall. The Art Library also received some UI improvements, making it even easier to find the characters, props and effects that you’re looking for.

Beta Builders

Help test out the latest and greatest builders before we release them to everyone. On your account page, look for the “Beta Builders” option. More details on this soon.

Stale Data

Nobody likes stale bread, so why would you like stale data? We’ve fixed several areas where your views/ratings wouldn’t necessarily update as they should.


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