New Beta: Buddy's Hidden Shame

My Fellow Bitstrippers, we felt it was time to reveal one of Buddy’s darkest secrets from his sordid past. In Grade 3, Buddy failed Mrs. Burkes English class. The horror! Buddy has been struggling with logophobia ever since.

Buddy's Hidden Shame

It has only been through great personal determination that Buddy has been able to bring you his Editorials – the pain and sacrifices he’s made to properly form his messages to you have taken their toll. That’s why we’re happy to announce a new beta version – BS 2008-10-17! We’ve continued to iron out several text-bubble bugs, as well as one major new feature – spell checking.

The keen observer will notice the red squiggles in the picture above. When typing in a textbubble, misspelled words will be highlighted and suggestions provided when you right-click (or on a mac, ctrl-click) on them.

We’re looking for feedback on this latest beta – when you submit a bug on a beta builder, add “BETA” to the bug form, or when you send us an email, be sure to mention you’re using the beta builder.

Once this beta has been well tested we’ll move it out so that everyone can take advatange of it. We’re loking forwerd to ceeing the best speled comiks in the wurld!

We’d also like to thank for writing a great bit of code – Spelling Plus Library. It’s what we’re using to bring you spell checking and we couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. Grant, you guys rock!


3 responses to “New Beta: Buddy's Hidden Shame

  1. i though beta versions were over…

  2. When we’re adding new features, we test them out before letting everyone use them. The “beta builders” are newer versions of the tools which eventually everyone will be using, but need to be tested first. So that’s why we call them betas. If you’re curious, you can read this to find out more about software release cycles:

  3. :O hey,dk1,that explains why you area bitstrips wrangler

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