Left, Up, Down, Right: Bitstrips Shortcuts and You

My fellow Bitstrippers, you’ll find there’s a new beta-builder version this morning, BS 2008-11-11. We’ve included several bug fixes, as well as a new feature that has been requested for a long time – keyboard controls!

Here is a summary of the new arrow-key based controls:

Shift Key – Pressing the shift key, you can toggle ground-lock on your asset. Try it out – press shift while dragging a character or a prop and you’ll see it starts moving along the opposite axis it was moving on before.

For text bubbles, pressing shift while dragging them will keep the tail of the bubble in the same location while moving the words.

Arrow Keys – Assets can be nudged around by pressing the left, up, down and right arrow keys. There are also a few modifiers you can add:

Ctrl + arrow keys – nudge the item by a smaller amount, useful for fine-grained control

Shift + arrow keys – toggle ground-lock while nudging the item

Alt + arrow keys – rotate the item with the left and right arrow keys

Also in the beta – when saving and reloading a strip there should be no visual differences. In previous versions, it was possible for text-bubbles to slide right and left when editing a saved strip. Now, everything should be exactly as you left it. If you can find a situation where things are different, please make sure to submit a bug report.

If you ever encounter an issue with a beta builder, remember that you can go back to the regular non-beta builders at any time and continue bitstrippin’ without encountering the latest and greatest bugs.


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