Monthly Archives: February 2009

Status Updates and You

My fellow Bitstrippers, to all of those who don’t follow the Wrangler’s series, Happy New Year! We’re all excited to make 2009 officially the year of the Bitstrip.

Today we’ve released an update to the right message sidebar you all know and love. When building Bitstrips, we went back and forth trying to decide, “Is it a status message, or is it a way to chat with users?”. One limitation of using it to communicate with other users was that you would have to refresh the page to see any new updates. Not any more! Like all the other cool kids, we now dynamically add new messages from your friends as they appear. We’ve also added an option to review older updates in case you missed any.

We hope you enjoy the addition and as always, please feel free to comment by emailing, or by reporting a bug.