Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Beta!

My fellow Bitstrippers, I have some exciting news – today we’ve released a new beta comic builder! A few of the changes in this version include:

  • Over 80 new props and assets
  • A new “Shape” tab which includes basic shapes
  • Improved positioning, stacking, scaling and rotating controls
  • Text bubbles can now be scaled and stacked, along with improved controls (colour/bold/size any part of text bubble just by selecting it)
  • Larger (taller) panels
  • Up to 7 rows per comic (from the previous 2)

Unlike previous beta releases, this beta version of the comic builder does have several issues we’re working to resolve. You can always go back to the non-beta builder by toggling the Beta Builder option in your settings. Some of these issues include:

  • Scenes – objects in old scenes will not load 100% accurately
  • Old comics – if you edit a comic created with the old comic builder, it will load in the old comic builder, not the new beta builder

And those are just the ones we know about! If you do encounter a bug, be sure to submit a bug report so we can make sure to fix it.

Thanks to all our users for waiting so patiently for this long-awaited update!