Monthly Archives: June 2010

New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-15

Hi everybody – we’ve just pushed out a new beta comic builder which fixes the emotion saving issue people were having. Please report any bugs you find – thanks!


New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-09

Quick update this morning – we fixed the disappearing panel issues from yesterday, as well as proper remix/series tracking issue. Also, the keen observer will notice a few small changes in the library panel – groundwork for a new feature coming soon!

Please report any bugs you find – thanks!

    New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-01

    My fellow Bitstrippers, we have released a new beta comic builder today, version 2010-06-01 (right-click in the comic builder to see the version you’re using). Some of the changes included are listed below:

    • Improved saving – within the builder, saving is now a two-step process. Comic data is saved first, followed by the comic image. Saving the data is very quick and reliable and provides a way to recover your comic if saving the comic image (big and slow) fails.
    • Panel Fixes – resizing and adding new panels can no longer “break” a comic
    • Text Bubbles – improvements to saving their formatting and location
    • General memory and performance improvements for large comics.

    If you’d like to try to beta comic builder, see this post for more information. And as always, please submit a bug report if you encounter any issues.