Fresh front page fun – build your own themes, news and challenges!

Ever since we launched the ‘Theme of the Day’ section over a year ago, Bitstrippers have been getting together to make great comics on common topics.  Themes and challenges are a great way to find undiscovered talent and share jokes with new friends.  So – we want more!

Which is why we’ve updated the Community Comics section on the front page, to enable anyone to create their own Theme of the Day, Remix Challenge, etc.  We’ve also added a new section – ‘In the News‘ – which is your chance to show your unique take on the top story of the day.

It’s easy to create a theme, news topic or challenge – just go to the latest theme page (or challenge, etc), and at the top you’ll see a ‘make a theme’ button.  Click that to open up the Blurb Builder and create your theme blurb.  If it’s well-designed, readable, and hasn’t been done before, we’ll add it to the list.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions for themes, news and challenges – so go make some!


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