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Avatar Swapping

This morning we released a way to make your comics more fun when remixed.

Start by right-clicking on a character and selecting the “Make Avatar Swapper” option.

This will cause the character to be replaced with the user’s avatar when they remix it.

VoilĂ !

Once a character is a “swapper”, you can turn it off by right-clicking them again and selecting “Disable Avatar Swapping”.


New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-09

Quick update this morning – we fixed the disappearing panel issues from yesterday, as well as proper remix/series tracking issue. Also, the keen observer will notice a few small changes in the library panel – groundwork for a new feature coming soon!

Please report any bugs you find – thanks!

    New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-01

    My fellow Bitstrippers, we have released a new beta comic builder today, version 2010-06-01 (right-click in the comic builder to see the version you’re using). Some of the changes included are listed below:

    • Improved saving – within the builder, saving is now a two-step process. Comic data is saved first, followed by the comic image. Saving the data is very quick and reliable and provides a way to recover your comic if saving the comic image (big and slow) fails.
    • Panel Fixes – resizing and adding new panels can no longer “break” a comic
    • Text Bubbles – improvements to saving their formatting and location
    • General memory and performance improvements for large comics.

    If you’d like to try to beta comic builder, see this post for more information. And as always, please submit a bug report if you encounter any issues.

    Bitstrips is down… again?!

    My fellow Bitstrippers, you may have noticed in recent months the message Bitstrips is down. The message is displayed whenever our servers receive more requests than they can handle and unfortunately it has been happening more and more frequently. Thanks to our incredible growth over the last few months, we have outstripped our server’s ability to scale. What do you do when your server can’t scale? Move to the cloud!

    Over the next few weekends we will be starting this transition process. Unfortunately some downtime will result. Currently we are planning for the site to be unavailable from 7pm Saturday February 27th to 7pm Sunday February 28th (EST). We apologize in advance for an disruption this will cause.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience over the last few months, and during the transition.

    New Beta!

    My fellow Bitstrippers, I have some exciting news – today we’ve released a new beta comic builder! A few of the changes in this version include:

    • Over 80 new props and assets
    • A new “Shape” tab which includes basic shapes
    • Improved positioning, stacking, scaling and rotating controls
    • Text bubbles can now be scaled and stacked, along with improved controls (colour/bold/size any part of text bubble just by selecting it)
    • Larger (taller) panels
    • Up to 7 rows per comic (from the previous 2)

    Unlike previous beta releases, this beta version of the comic builder does have several issues we’re working to resolve. You can always go back to the non-beta builder by toggling the Beta Builder option in your settings. Some of these issues include:

    • Scenes – objects in old scenes will not load 100% accurately
    • Old comics – if you edit a comic created with the old comic builder, it will load in the old comic builder, not the new beta builder

    And those are just the ones we know about! If you do encounter a bug, be sure to submit a bug report so we can make sure to fix it.

    Thanks to all our users for waiting so patiently for this long-awaited update!

    Status Updates and You

    My fellow Bitstrippers, to all of those who don’t follow the Wrangler’s series, Happy New Year! We’re all excited to make 2009 officially the year of the Bitstrip.

    Today we’ve released an update to the right message sidebar you all know and love. When building Bitstrips, we went back and forth trying to decide, “Is it a status message, or is it a way to chat with users?”. One limitation of using it to communicate with other users was that you would have to refresh the page to see any new updates. Not any more! Like all the other cool kids, we now dynamically add new messages from your friends as they appear. We’ve also added an option to review older updates in case you missed any.

    We hope you enjoy the addition and as always, please feel free to comment by emailing, or by reporting a bug.

    More Keyboard Fun

    My fellow Bitstrippers, we’ve pushed a new version of the builder out to both regular and beta users this morning – you’ll find the version number is BS 2008-11-13.

    Along with several bugfixes, we’ve added a few new keyboard shortcuts:

    L key: lock/unlock a character/prop/text bubble/+ keys: scale a comic asset up and down on its current level

    We’re looking forward to seeing what the new levels of creativity the scaling controls unleash!