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Art update: We’re all a few pixels thinner

You might have noticed characters look a little different on Bitstrips today. We have released an update which makes your character’s outlines a few pixels thinner. We have also added over 30 new pieces of clothing for you to wear including…. dresses!

Q: Why make the outlines thinner?

It looks better! It might take you a few minutes but you will quickly adjust to it.

Q: Is there any way to keep using thick characters?

There is, but it will only be available for a limited time. It is only meant for users with long-standing series where the outline change would be disruptive to their style.

To edit an old comic with thick outlines, add &old_builder=1 to the URL when editing a comic. For example, add it to:

to get:

Unignore the ignored

We’ve just added an option for users to view their list of ignored users and to un-ignore them if they so chose. Log in and go to your account page, you will see a link to View ignored users. From there, you can then un-ignore anyone as you see fit.


Is your Body getting you down? Hide it!

We’ve just released a handy new option in the comic builder. On one of your own characters, right click and select the Hide Body option.

Blammo! You’ve left your boring old body behind. It’s time to get out there and enjoy the heady heights of your bodiless state.

March Scene Update

Today we’ve added several new scenes to the Bitstrips scene library and updated the old scenes to have a consistent size and scaling.  Enjoy!