Announcing the Kinect Comic Challenge!

We’re excited to introduce a new contest on Bitstrips – the Kinect Comic Challenge!  Winning free video games by making comics – does life get any better?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Kinect for Xbox 360 is a revolutionary new system in which YOU are the controller.  Your body movements are captured by a hi-tech sensor and translated into moves in the game!  So, we want you to explore the possibilities of this wild concept than by inventing your own crazy games and illustrating them as comics.  You can make as many entries as you like – the only limit is your imagination.

The winning comics will be selected by our panel of expert judges – these guys write about games and gadgets on some of the biggest blogs on the web: Jason Chen from Gizmodo, Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica, and Brian Crecente from Kotaku.  We couldn’t ask for a more qualified panel, so we’re thrilled to have them all on board!

So what are you waiting for – go to the contest page, and get your game on!


Fresh front page fun – build your own themes, news and challenges!

Ever since we launched the ‘Theme of the Day’ section over a year ago, Bitstrippers have been getting together to make great comics on common topics.  Themes and challenges are a great way to find undiscovered talent and share jokes with new friends.  So – we want more!

Which is why we’ve updated the Community Comics section on the front page, to enable anyone to create their own Theme of the Day, Remix Challenge, etc.  We’ve also added a new section – ‘In the News‘ – which is your chance to show your unique take on the top story of the day.

It’s easy to create a theme, news topic or challenge – just go to the latest theme page (or challenge, etc), and at the top you’ll see a ‘make a theme’ button.  Click that to open up the Blurb Builder and create your theme blurb.  If it’s well-designed, readable, and hasn’t been done before, we’ll add it to the list.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions for themes, news and challenges – so go make some!

Poseable Pets on Bitstrips!

Pets on Bitstrips for Schools!

By extremely popular demand, fully poseable pets have joined the Bitstrips Art Library!

Our new cat and dog are just as flexible as human characters – you can give them an amazing range of emotions and choose from a variety of preset poses. Or put them into Pose Mode and manipulate them any way you can imagine.

To turn on Pose Mode, just double-click anywhere on the cat or dog’s body. It’ll become highlighted in yellow, which means you can now click on any individual body part and position it however you want! The combinations are virtually endless.

Look for our new pet friends in the Comic Builder Art Library under the Characters tab. We have a feeling they’ll soon be more popular than people!

Art update – Rock Band!

We’ve just added a new batch of props to the Art Library – Rock band instruments!  Now you can rock out with a selection of guitars, drums, keyboard, microphone and even sheet music.  Look for these new items in the ‘music’ collection while in the ‘props’ tab of the Art Library.

New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-15

Hi everybody – we’ve just pushed out a new beta comic builder which fixes the emotion saving issue people were having. Please report any bugs you find – thanks!

New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-09

Quick update this morning – we fixed the disappearing panel issues from yesterday, as well as proper remix/series tracking issue. Also, the keen observer will notice a few small changes in the library panel – groundwork for a new feature coming soon!

Please report any bugs you find – thanks!

    New Comic Builder Beta: 2010-06-01

    My fellow Bitstrippers, we have released a new beta comic builder today, version 2010-06-01 (right-click in the comic builder to see the version you’re using). Some of the changes included are listed below:

    • Improved saving – within the builder, saving is now a two-step process. Comic data is saved first, followed by the comic image. Saving the data is very quick and reliable and provides a way to recover your comic if saving the comic image (big and slow) fails.
    • Panel Fixes – resizing and adding new panels can no longer “break” a comic
    • Text Bubbles – improvements to saving their formatting and location
    • General memory and performance improvements for large comics.

    If you’d like to try to beta comic builder, see this post for more information. And as always, please submit a bug report if you encounter any issues.