Bitstrippin' 1.2

In case you hadn’t noticed, we finally updated to version 1.2 – thanks to everyone for their patience these last few months. It was a relatively smooth upgrade and we’ve just pushed several fixes for issues people were seeing:

  • “My Friends” in the builders wasn’t loading
  • New series wouldn’t show up when you created them
  • Inbox count wouldn’t update (or stay at (1))
  • “Latest strip” wasn’t updating on profiles
  • “Total Kudos” now appears on profiles

We’re also testing out a fix for the slower page-loading issue people have been noticing. If certain things still seem slow, or you come across another issue, let us know by submitting a bug report. Thanks to everyone who has been sending them in so far – they really help.

There’s also one new setting in 1.2 that nobody has mentioned yet. On your settings page, you can select which builder will load by default, the Quick Comic Builder or the Super Comic Builder. Default to the super builder and enjoy faster loading times!


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